Work 2006

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video on paraffin, 4 curtains out of empty and used tea bags
(8 mtrs x 10 mtrs each), knitted objects and string quartet
The New Titans of The Hague
Korzo Theater
Reunion Reunion Reunion
Reunion Reunion
A work based on Gestalt Psychology.
A video installation of tea bags is a metaphor of reunion: when we build up a relationship and when suddenly the person we just met is no longer there.
At the projection, tea cups, plates and spoons made out of paraffin are melting and becoming objects again.
Other “Relational Objects” such as “Introspective Glasses”, “Sharing Thoughts”, “Our saliva” and “Relational Glasses” made also part of the projections.
A string quartet is playing behind the installation.
The shadows of their bodies and instruments are visible while the projections are appearing.